The South East corner of the Public Square was Original Lot 105. It was sold by Bever Henry and Larwill. This corner has played host to clothing merchants, grocery barons, jewelry merchants, notion stores, lawyers, doctors, photography studios and once housed the Palace Restaurant.

Many of the people that owned these lots were famous citizens of Wooster. William Annat would occupy this building as his first store before he moved over to the South West corner of the Square.

In 1881, the Southeast corner housed the Loudon Tea House of Kuhn Brothers and was later sold to Lee Craighead and J.H. Hall who would continue to operate as the Loudon Tea House. By 1888 it became the largest and most complete grocery store in Wooster. In 1895, P.D. Hall painted his brick block grocery with a handsome new coat of black and gold paint. The corner after 1900 would be known as Smith and Lautezenheiser grocery and began a story of success for a famous Wooster Family. Thus began the history of Smith Grocery in Wooster. Outside peanuts and banana stands occupied both the East and West sides of the Square in the 20's. This was also the era when automobiles, horses and buggies vied for parking.

100_0309sm.jpgThe building was sold to Citizens National Bank in 1911 and later merged with Bank One. It served as a bank until 1995. The bank and its many tenants occupied the building until 1948. The present structure was constructed between 1949 and 1952. The new bank building housed many organizations and businesses in its upper stories among them doctors, dentists, attorneys, real estate and insurance agents.

Over the years, many different photographers inhabited the rooms in this corner building. The Albright Brothers had a photography parlor. Other include Clingan's Ambrotype Gallery, Mr. Harry's Studio, Foltz and Co. Photographers, Professor Doty's Gallery of Art, Brainerd's Ground Floor Gallery, Rawlings and Company and the Victory Gallery. In 1996, the current occupant, Gallery in the Vault opened its doors as purveyors of fine art.



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